Creative Direction for The Guest Magazine digital relaunch for 2019. 
The fine, threadlike strands that grow from our skin is an involuntary behavior that our human body produces that serves primarily as a source of heat insulation. Hair is a tool that we use to define ourselves and tells a story of a specific time and place in our lives. 

As kids, we are often influenced by our parents who strive for their kids to look nice and presentable for those grade school yearbook pictures. As teenagers, we are influenced by the act of rebellion - stripping away of everything we once knew. We explore the world with wide eyes. We are eager to grow. We cut and dye our hair, trying to find who we are and our own place in this big world. The everlasting feeling of wanting to reinvent ourselves always exists and transcends generations through one common factor: hair.

Hair is an involuntary growth. Growth is an involuntary action that we experience. As the years go by and life progresses, we learn to adapt to any situation. We learn and continue to learn with every year that goes by. It’s what we make of every situation that shapes our personality, our beliefs, and our values. For young, for old, this story celebrates individuality and growth and is dedicated to you.
Photography: Abraham Magos, Fashion Editor: Dano Santana, Creative Director: Juan Duque, Art Director: Alana Burns, Hair: Leon DowningAlejandro Iñiguez, & Monica Marquet, Makeup: Juan Peralta, Monica Sesscose, Eugenia Várguez, Ana Eva, & Monica Marquet, Assistants: Osvaldo PadillaAlfredo Díaz, & Adrián Higuera, Production: Dano SantanaAlana Burns, & Juan Duque, Studio: Full Frame, Models: BANG! ManagementAlfredoDanielGermanJuanLyonsMiguel & SpencerContempoRicardo. GH Management: AdrianAgustinJansen, & JohnGuerxs: Luis & Omar. MM RunwayOscarModel Zone: Angelo. New IconAlexander & DiegoNookSalvadorQueta RojasPabloParagonBrandonChrisJonathan & Luis. Street Casting: Ricardo —and a special thank you to La Metropolitana.
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