Tavik is a lifestyle clothing brand based in Orange County, California. The brand utilizes its unique view point, pairing classic workwear with modern cuts and premium fabrics. California’s Golden Age, and its familiarity of high rise cityscapes, are sourced inspiration that Tavik has always embraced.
For Monumento, Tavik travelled with its most recent collection to the high rise buildings of Mexico City, camouflaging its collection amongst the cities architecture. Shot in Tlatelolco, Mexico, at La Plaza de las Tres Culturas (Plaza of the Three Cultures), the location played a key role in conveying imagery of diverse Mexican culture.
Three cultures emerge at this plaza, and three important moments in Mexican history remain in tact. Monumento explores the day to day movements of this historic site, and showcases Mexico’s progress of urbanization. Tavik’s clothing and styling for Monumento, reinforce the core of a brand that is adaptable in any setting. The beach is where you take it.
This is Modern Beach.
Photography: Dano Santana / Art Direction: Juan Duque / Model: Gerardo Bouchot / Hair & Makeup: Monica Marquet / Assistant: Priscilla Cano
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