Members: A portrait essay of Latinxs in the creative community of Los Angeles. A special project in collaboration with Dano Santana for CoolHunter Mexico.

This shoot was produced in my backyard of Los Angeles, California, a city, that for a long time was known for manual jobs in commerce, construction, and services; but now with the influx of newer generations, it is an ever-evolving home to creative industries and the individuals in them.

The essay focused on two things: Individuals that were of Latino origin and that their professional endeavors be focused on creativity. Casting was done through Instagram, through hashtags and geo-locations. Aspects such as followers were not taken into consideration, keeping the importance on the individual projects and the interest to join ‘Members'. Sanchez-Kane lent 5 pieces to styling which the participants could integrate into their personal looks.

Fourteen people participated: DJs, models, producers, design students, musicians and more. This is the result of this exercise that seeks to give visibility to the Latinx creative community in Los Angeles, and create community in it.

Read the full feature here.

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